Hello there, nice to meet you.

If you have found yourself here, you are looking for something.
…And congratulations, you have found me!

Born and raised in London, I grew up hungry to learn, experience the world around me and as always, be the best at whatever I put my mind to.

From completing a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, building new businesses from ground-level-up, publishing my first book to taking opportunites to work from home, I am a very capable and creative individual who has a huge range of skills.

I love challenge and thrive with being busy; often complimented with a think-outside-the-box type of mind, I work in a humanistic and task-centric way. I pride myself in being involved with Fighting 4 Vulnerable Lives and ShieldUsNI! Two hugely important groups that helps the Vulnerable be heard in a Covid infected world. As well as the co-founder of The Magickal Hud Shop; a business that I helped create from concept to reality.

I’ve been very driven in my persuit of attaining my personal goals; including travelling around the world, purchasing my first home at 27 years old to learning to drive once living in the countryside and creating my own businesses that allowed me to work around my family.

My hobbies include hiking, photography and writing.
But these have brought with it extra skills; highlighting the importance of pre-planning, eye for detail, ability to use Lightroom and different tech, the ability to write copy and edit professionally as well as time-management.

I’ve written for publications to individuals from all walks of life.
From businesses to spicy accounts.
Admin to social media marketing.
My skills are wide, varied and i am open-minded!

I am always looking for the next thing, so if you need something, contact via the email address below!
Any questions or opportunities that you wish to discuss? Please feel free to drop me an email on: kelly@katomdoc.com.

Thank you.

P.S Within fiction / poetry my genres include erotic, supernatural, psychological, mask vs beast, pop culture, feminist and madness…