An About Me is probably one of the most difficult things to write. How do you describe yourself so that people “get” you? How do you put into words the worlds that you inhabit? Well, I will have a good go, so here it is.

I begin my journey in 1986; a perfect year to be born. In a time of cold, on a Friday. Surrounded by strong female role-models and supported in all pursuits and childish whims, I developed. The world-stage beckoned to me. So I travelled; immersing myself in histories, culture, food and wine, as wild as the wind and following where my heart would lead me.

The years passed in a blaze of glory. I took opportunities for growth and self-development, work-opportunities and stepped out of my comfort zone with a strong desire to prove myself to all that entered my proverbial circle. And I did. Whole-heartedly and proudly.

I set myself personal goals. Educationally; I have completed a BA in History and Literature, a Masters Degree in Creative Writing as well as completed several other qualifications including Life Coaching and Counselling and many more. I am a fervent believer in keeping the brain fed!

Now: I reside in one of the most beautiful places on earth; with an astounding view across rolling hills, forest and nestled small-towns in South Wales. This place features in my first published book Black Moon Rises: The First Book and though I am indeed a born and bred city-dwelling Londoner, my heart and home is now here.

So who am I now? A homebody, a tattooed and pierced pale vampiric Scorpio Priestess with a collection of candles and bones. Happiest with my beautiful three children and neurotic Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rosy-Lea (cup of tea: in Cockney Rhyming Slang) curled up snoring like a piglet. My hard-working and perfect pirate rat-biker of a husband [of over 11 years!] and copious amounts of caffeine. Still a hard-worker and still hunting opportunities.

I’ve written for publications to individuals from all walks of life. From businesses to spicy accounts. Admin to social media marketing. My skills are wide, varied and i am open-minded! Always looking for the next thing, so if you need something, contact via the email address below!

Any questions or opportunities that you wish to discuss? Please feel free to drop me an email on: kelly@katomdoc.com.

Thank you.