My Nan

**UPDATE: My nan sadly passed away 20/02/2018 at home, as she wanted. I was there, and awoke just as her breath stopped. I miss her terribly, and always will.**

I love my grandmother, Ann Tomlinson. Strong is not a biggest enough word to describe her, from moving from Ireland to the UK many years ago, working her whole life to now, living with a terminal illness, struggling day to day but somehow, getting through. We are best friends, and I protect her with everything I am, everything I have and when the time 20155778_10154553724060855_2067225489840544496_ncomes, I will be holding her hand. This project is for her, about her, and will be added to. My nan is my hero. I wish she understood the true depths of how much I love her and admire her. All I wish, is that she could live forever, in a way, here, for me, she will.

My nan and I were very close when i was little, i would go to her house every weekend. Sometimes, she would also take me to the houses of the people that she cleaned for. We would go on big adventures, and she would make some pretty awesome breakfasts! I was (and still am) a nanny’s girl.

When my first born boy, Byron, was born in DSC_02032013, it was love at first sight. Her chunky monkey. She could not stop looking at him. Even as a baby he knew that he would get away with anything. Her favourite thing to do was to go for a walk “so he would get fresh air” and i would get some sleep. Even today, he will climb into bed next to her and tell her all about his day. As soon as i leave the room, she will pull out a secret chocolate stash.

Since she’s been more unstable on her legs, my four year old Byron will take it upon himself to help as much as possible. Will even tell her to sit down and he will get me to make a cup of tea.

Three generations live under this roof.

First born great-grandson to second great-grandson. My nan loves being surrounded by their little edges of craziness. My second-born is a strong stubborn “i know what i want” type of boy. She loves watching him and how mischevious he is. But through that mischief, he always has a kiss and cuddle for his Nan.

My nan’s world has pretty much been her room since her mobility has become limited, with everything in my power to ensure that everything that she needs is there. Still, the view can become samey. The pills, too much for her and the days grey. I try to cheer her up in little ways from funny slogan cups, to poking my head around and chatting. She has made this little room, her own. We have also added mobility aids (not that she likes them).

Through her time here with me, I realised that i do not have near enough pictures, and i have no pictures of her from my youth (except the one i posted above) so will be taking and adding as and when i can.