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Mama: A photography project to create a demonic-ancient cross angry-clown for Halloween. Took a quick selfie with my eldest son. Natural lighting and no editing. The makeup alone took awhile, it was a run through for a party that we were attending. Wearing it, it felt rather dark, i think the image captures that rather well. The shadow and lighting was not intentional. Neither was the calm, innocent face of my eldest boy, but it fit. I took this with an iPhone.



Scars: A look at the new body that you, as a woman, must learn to love. New shape, new scars, new you. Post-birth. My body has changed. For the longest time, i was afraid to look at my scars and shape. This i snapped as i got out of my bath and i rather liked the snap. Something raw about it, honest, feminine and warrior like. It’s mine. Mine alone.



*Photo project on my Grandmother* <— LINK

Rest in Peace to the strongest women that i have ever known. A woman that settled far from home, in a country that still had racism and hostility towards the Catholic Irish. A woman who divorced even though it was against her religion and against societies ideals. A woman who has never stopped working hard and pushing though even though she feels exhausted. This will be a photo series, not about her struggles with a terminal illness, but of the moments between it. The simplicity of living. It will be something that i can put into an album, show family and something, i hope that she will be happy with.



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