As you will have seen, I have been updating this site.

I thought it was time to update and simplify.

Change isn’t all bad.

There have been some amazing developments for this writer/everything-girl-Friday…

From being involved with amazing groups that actively support the Vulnerable and Shielding, but also have built a business from the ground up – and it is very successful – as well as managing a large number of Social media, keeping mine up-to-date – growing organically with 8k+ followers – and stretching my writer’s muscles with spoken-word written art to poetry.

It has been an incredibly busy couple of years, especially with covid – the supportive way our local and global communities have rallied around each other throughout the difficulties, which has been remarkable to witness, is awe-inspiring.

Though we are not out of the woods; we are still banding together to fight the fight on behalf of those that can’t!

As always, I am here.

And Thank YOU for your continued support.

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