There is beauty in silence. When you take a breath and all you can hear is the thrum of the day as it continues – from cars to people passing by, the din is out there. And you, you sit here in front of a screen. Apart. Away from the world.

Those moments make you fall deeper and deeper in love with them when you truly savour them. A moment, a snapshot in time, can stay with you forever.

As an artist that follows her heart, trusts her gut instincts, follows unknown paths to adventures within the deep, dark forest; I often think more on these moments as I gaze out from my doorstep with the incredible views across the Welsh rolling hills and valleys, as the sun rises or sets, the view is enough to be at awe with the wonderous and vast planet that we live on. And how small we are in comparison to the bigger picture.

I have been accused of falling obsessively into the thirst for knowledge. It can get in my way for sure. But I like a jigsaw or something in the fog, that you can only see the outline of, I love you, through the hunger, obsessively digging to know every stitch and seam to that which makes a person or a thing intriguing to my enquiring mind. I love to fill my very senses, with a blanket of you. Soaking in everything I can. Like the wick of a candle searches for the spark of flame.

Our world is incredible and our very existence, a miracle. I look upon the strangers I pass, and wonder, what is your life like? As I pass cars with people going about their business, I wonder, where are you going? I pass a lonely tree, bent and twisted, with its fingers clawing towards the vicious sun and stop, to take a picture on my phone. Just to capture the moment.

Often, in our busy lives, we forget to stop. Look around us. Appreciate the blessings, take in the lessons of our challenges and just, fall, in, love. With the moment. Strip away the noise, the distractions, the tech (unless as a camera or something you can use to savour what you are doing) and just be. Exist. Take in the beauty. And know; life is good.

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