Your friendly neighbourhood writer :)

I always say that writing is art. The areas of which i write are highly varied and very much needing some sort of specialised expertise. From businesses to individuals, from Fiction to Fact. I am kept busy and enjoy what i do!

My latest escapades include that of a personal project for people with physical-to-hidden disabilities to mental health issues to connect a community of “doomers” to personal admin for a number of people that need an open-minded cum unique mindset to approach a wide array of social medias and mass email marketing. Life is certainly anything but boring.

Writing is expression – from utilising a personal approach to knowing the art of persuasion without persuading, handling sensitive information as well as creating content. The voice is all important, as are the words used.

The old adage of work to live or live to work is something that has always existed in the back of my mind. I have never really been a traditionalist or conventional in my approaches and seeked happiness in what i do… through that happiness, i have valued consistancy and with that, being kept on my toes and kept busy.

Challenging oneself and overcoming these self-imposed hurdles creates a sense of achievement and peace. Seeing people’s business and lives blossom from being behind-the-scenes breeds satisfaction and the purest of pleasures.

So behind a screen, i live. Balancing day-to-day life, love and work – though to me, it is not merely work. It is passion. Passion for what i do, achieve, bring to the table and the direct results.

As you can see, i have updated several blogs, worked a little on my website (more to come, soon) as well as hit the ground running with the numerous projects – which i will further link, here, soon.

I like being busy.

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