A few tips for writers’ block

To be able to write is a gift; a type of ‘seeing’ the world and potential stories in a way that no normal person can comprehend. Many of us can verbalise but to create a world from the mists of our psyche takes work. Work that you have to put in. Sometimes, we can also be our world enemy and live within a blockage period and forget our gifts.

So how do we reach for inspiration from the nothingness? How do we climb out of our own self-imposed (conscious and unconscious) cage?

It begins with creating the ‘zone’ – our safe place where thoughts can run amuck. Whether the perfect bedroom filled with scented candles and the quiet of an empty house. It could be in the middle of a library. It could be when taking a bath and truly relaxing with a glass of wine. It could even be those quiet moments before and after a nap. Wherever your zone, you have to explore it and explore it often.

Secondly, you must be kind to yourself and look at what is holding you back – work towards resolving the issues, write about them, journal, blog. Work out what you are feeling and love yourself.

Third, read. Read magazines, books in your subject area, blogs, other socials. Watch movies and ask yourself – what would you do differently? What do you enjoy?

Fourth – open up the computer, the notepad – whatever you use and write anything that comes to mind – anything, even just words that pop in your head. You want to doodle – do that.

Fifth – look through what you have done. The past can spark old energy back into being – old projects may have something new to add, an idea may now work for you.

Sixth – Take regular walks but keep your phone / camera to hand – sights, smells, sounds can have a great impact on you, exercise helps with mood and sometimes, you just need a break!

But if all has failed, do not despair! It is perfectly normal to face blocks. It will eventually pass. Always be kind to yourself and listen to what your body may be telling you.

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