Review of “Sneak” In-Game Energy Drink


Studying for my masters, looking after children, making sure my house doesn’t become something that resembles a hoarder’s kingdom of strewn recyclables and piles of rubbish – is a full-time job. So I will be honest “Hello, my name is Kelly, and I am addicted to energy drinks (plus a bottle glass of wine in the evenings)”

One day, though, I found that they were not working as effectively and frankly, after relying on them for years, I could see the effect it was having on my body and my overall health. SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE, and it wasn’t going to be my evening constitution…

So to google. Google knows everything right? But nothing that stood out came out. Then the spies of the interweb seemed to know what I was looking for and low and behold, Facebook had the answer.

Sneak. Branded for gamers as a healthier alternative to sugar-ladened energy drinks yet with a better, longer-lasting effect, I grew curious. Over the space of a few weeks, after reading existing reviews, I thought “f” it, it is worth a try. Then, I decided that I would try all of them… if I did not like them, I know a few people that would take them off my hands anyway AND I could review honestly from a mother/student/cleaner/chef perspective.  

So I went for tubs – all the tubs. Tropikilla, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Stealth plus a shaker. Of course, I am not stupid and once again turned to my best friend Google, who found me an excellent money-off coupon. Popped in the order and waited. I have to say the turnaround time was excellent and it was delivered 24 hours after dispatch in a wonderfully branded grey box! So I knew immediately it was my Sneak order and not the kids Christmas presents that I have pre-ordered.

Excitedly, I tore through that box and thought how awesome the tubs looked. Really attractive packaging and the shaker was huge – perfect, I thought. And read the back of one of the tubs. 1 scoop to every 3-400ml. Okay. Shake, shake, shake. Yep, I can do that. I was a bit sceptical of it being powder form as I have a sensitive gag reflex, plus hoped it did not taste like sick. Because some of these powder based drinks taste like a chemical factory mixed with the sweat of a gym bunny bloke who rolled around in it. Fingers crossed.

At 4pm, I decided to try my first one which a lot of the reviews raved about… Blue Raspberry. Followed it to the letter then went “okay, here it goes”. It reminded me of Jolly Ranchers, but not overpowering, like when I bought a bag of the American sweets but ate so much that whatever was in it gave me migraines – yet, I could not stop eating them. Within 10 minutes, I felt that buzz of caffeine, like ants down my spine. My eyes were wild. I exclaimed to my husband that “it works!” and seeing me unable to keep still, he replied “I’ll be mixing this up for my night shift” fantastic start. The aftertaste wasn’t immensely powdery, though you do taste the powder as you get to the bottom, it tastes more sherbet than energy powder, but I diluted it further until it was all gone.

Every day, since I received the package, I have been trying a different flavour. Next was Cherry, which has become a firm favourite. It’s like those cheap Cherryade-a-like juices that is refreshing and more-ish yet you wonder how much E numbers you’ve ingested. Considering this is billed with having a ton of vitamins, amino acids and caffeine, win! Then Tropikilla, I would actually say this is my least favourite as two scoops is far too much and trying to find the taste balance has been a little arduous. It has ended up having to be watered down a fair bit BUT I think it would be best suited to sparkling water – which I have not tried it with yet. Then Stealth. Another firm favourite. Good flavours (I detect apple?) and did exactly what it said on the tin.

Has it improved productivity? Absolutely, if I was a spider with 8 arms (and hands) all of them would have been working on their own projects and doing it well. Have I felt healthier? Yes, I have certainly ingested more water – which before I was constantly dehydrated. Have I had an energy drink since? Actually, no. If I need a pick me up, I am finding that I am reaching for the Sneak tins, more than coffee and I have not craved any sort of energy drink at all. Will I buy again? Yes. But I got 150 servings left so I think it may last a little while… or not. As even my partner likes them too.

What is also good is the fact that it is UK based, so you are not getting import fees and high shipping like with the alternative US version. I had free shipping when I ordered mine.

Main pros? Tastes good! Disperses well – you don’t get lumps and gaggy bits. Works. IT WORKS. Excellent branding. FAST delivery. Healthier and works out cheaper per serving to how much the leading energy drinks are. You do not feel crap after having them.

Any cons? Gets a bit powdery at the bottom of the shaker and that could be due to not having it constantly to my lips. The cost would be a factor for many in not buying.

Would I recommend? Absolutely. Rating: 5-stars.

*I am in no way affiliated with this company, the views and experiences expressed in this review is WHOLLY my own. If it was horrendous, I would have said so and reported it across social media. But luckily it is a 5-star product*






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  1. Thank you for this review. Do you still enjoy the drinks? I’m thinking about buying a tub and I have a bit of a doubt as the shipping is fairly expensive (for EU).


    1. Hi Tamara, they are good but if you are not used to powder based drinks, it can be quite the adjustment. They do sample packs which i highly recommend. I’ve still got a few tubs left but only use if I have to get in the zone or replace vitamins / electrolytes. I would offer to send you what I have left but they’re all opened! If you need any further help you can email at and no I’m not affiliated whatsoever. Thank you x


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