Through the darkness, peaks the light…

A few updates; I am still learning to drive. Getting more confident with it. Just think, FREEDOM to travel wherever, whenever with my Pentax K-1! There are many places that I have planned to photograph… so watch this space!

I have also applied and been accepted onto a Masters Degree course in Creative Writing. My ultimate plan is for a PhD and a few published works which brings me to my next update…

I have almost completed my first large work of fiction; rated for over 18’s as there are stark adult themes that are explored. With a mix of supernatural and BDSM elements (as well as abusive as there is a difference) this story infiltrated my waking moments as well as my dreams and although I still have a few thousand words left to complete, I know the editing process will be long and arduous, but oh, so worth it. My goal was grab a reader to visualise the story as if they were living it, feeling the emotions as the characters went through it, to feel aroused and blush. To end with the hope that there is a book two. I guarantee you’ll want to know what happens as the ending is a doozy. *winking at you through the screen* I have a few test readers to send this to when I believe that I am finished, just so I can iron stuff out before I decide what I am going to do next with it.

I have also got a few more ideas but I have safely stored them in the back of my mind – I am not ready for those characters to take shape yet or to explore that part of myself that seriously tries to escape once and awhile. That will come later. With it, the voices trying to tell their stories, the need to create character specific playlists and adventurous sleep. Even considering a “dark” internalised voice externalised poetry book, to release the darkness and let it play with the juxtaposed light. Meh, ideas.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, link me up to your socials and add me; I like making friends.

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