Writer, Photographer, Artist

Hello and let me introduce myself…

Since I could walk, I loved technology. My mother would say that the only reason that she could use a computer was because I would inundate her with questions. Most would say I was precocious. Eager to solve problems because the challenge was satisfying to overcome. From destroying a computer virus that would shut a computer down within 1 minute of full start up to building my first PC from scratch. Yes, often I would talk to the computer as I worked on it, even to this day, I tell people that each pc has their own personality and feel. I feel like that with cameras, I have been lucky enough to be able to use quite a few; from phone cameras to SLRs, to bridge cameras to compact. With each I’ve used, certain areas of my art and photography have evolved.

So let me introduce myself; some people end up alone with 50+ cats (and that is okay) as for me, I’ll always have my too-heavy bag with too-much technology. I’m Kelly, the weird woman wired up to the web. Phones in hand; because I like to stay up to date. With the camera around my neck, staring at the shapes around us and falling in love with the loneliness of the landscape and darkness / duality of people.

I’ve travelled. I’ve loved. I’ve lost and I pride myself on always learning and growing. I hope you enjoy what I show here, all egos need stroking and all passions need igniting.

This is my journey. My portfolio. Thank you for taking the time to read.


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